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Fire safety

With 12 years experience in fire safety, we can provide the required fire safety products, systems and solutions. As a globally active system builder with a large innovative product range, we are your trusted supplier for all fire safety requirements.

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fire safety solutions and services

Continuous innovation provides the basis for increasingly perfect protection for people, buildings, equipment, machines and data. For decades, Algodex has been continuously innovating to provide ground breaking developments in the area of fire detection technology, fire protection and building security. Algodex has been behind many milestone innovations - including the first automatic fire detector, algorithm technology, a genuine alarm guarantee as well as radio-controlled fire detectors.

The uses and purposes for which buildings and rooms are designed are just as diverse as the appropriate fire safety measures. With over 20 years of experience in fire-related phenomenon, we at Algodex provide adequate solutions for safety. As a globally active system builder with a large product and system range, we are a complete supplier for all safety requirements. 

Benefits at a glance :

  • A better view - Each FireFinder XLS panel features a center-mounted 6” LCD screen—by far the largest in the industry
  • Advanced compatibility - FireFinder XLS family is a platform that offers compatibility with existing and emerging life safety products
  • Built to fit - The FireFinder XLS system can scale to accommodate virtually any sized facility and can interconnect with other FireFinder XLS systems
  • The sound of safety -The FireFinder XSLV provides flexibility to install voice evacuation technology