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The service advantage with Advantage™ Services

With Advantage Services from Algodex, you benefit from a comprehensive service portfolio that is designed to enhance performance, deliver investment protection, and create real value over the entire life cycle of your facility and fire safety system.

Life Cycle Management

Our Life Cycle Management services provide a step-by-step approach to fire safety system modernization and integration, thereby protecting your investments in the long run. Our team delivers expert advice that will help you define a sound technology strategy that leaves room for expansions, upgrades, and continuous performance improvements. Your benefits? Predictable life cycle costs, increased system availability and reliability, and reduced total cost of ownership. The services include:

  • Technology strategy definition

  • Software updates and upgrades

  • System modernization

  • System integration

  • Investment decision support and planning

Alarm Management

Our Alarm Management services offer 24/7 monitoring and validation of specified events and alarms generated by your systems, whether it be a technical irregularity or an actual fire alarm. You benefit from reliable alarm response and intervention as well as immediate access to the relevant professional intervention forces – all within regulatory requirements.

Alarms are handled in accordance with a predefined intervention plan by screened, trained, and highly specialized staff with direct access to security guards, fire brigades, and police forces. Professional alarm verification helps reduce false alarms and their associated costs.

  • Alarm monitoring, verification, and response by trained professionals

  • Full functional and technical monitoring of fire safety systems

  • Regular analysis of events ensures continuous system and processes improvements 

Operational Services

Our Operational Services improve the daily operation, reliability and performance of your fire safety system. Our team of qualified engineers are at hand to assist your operational staff with technical questions or problems, providing a continuous opportunity for knowledge transfer to your staff.

But we can also take part- or full-time responsibility for your entire system operation: Whether you need to cover staff holidays, after-hours operation, or want to maximize your system’s up time but don’t have the resources in-house.

Our Operational Services include system performance monitoring: through analysis of ongoing system performance data, it forms the basis for improvement programs that can help reduce system downtime and false alarms, as well as operating costs.

System Maintenance

A maintenance service agreement with Algodex provides you with the certainty that you are doing everything to ensure your system availability – thereby protecting your business continuity and compliance with fire safety regulations. Our services include preventive and corrective maintenance, remote services, access to a 24/7 hotline for troubleshooting and expert advice, guaranteed response time (as defined by frame agreements) and repair services amongst others. All you need to do is select the service package that will suit your business requirements and circumstances. Specialist maintenance is also available, including: detector revision, door-fan-tests, and extinguishing pressurized cylinder re-approval.

Knowldege Services

Our Knowledge Services encompass customized training and consultancy, as well as regulatory advice and documentation management.

  • On-site training for system operators ensures optimized use of systems and technologies

  • Regulatory advice and investment decision support

  • Secure storage and update of all documentation immediate available to authorized staff

  • Web-based service portal for convenient management of all service calls, service activity history, service agreements, and documentation